Worst Airports For Boarding/Deplaning by Bus?

It is all in the title. My personal thought would be Frankfurt(FRA), Lisbon, Rome(FCO).

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Perhaps Hangzhou Xiaoshan. airport

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Soekarno Hatta International Airport, it’s crowded(the bus), melting hot temperature, AC not cool enough

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The airports where you take the bus instead of walking 50 meters to the terminal or the aircraft.


Isfahan. It’s too hot there!

Heraklion (HER/LGIR). The whole airport is bad but Buses… It feels like they have 2 Buses for the whole Airport…

Punta Cana isn’t the greatest

Mytiline/Mytilini in Greece.
You have to get on a tiny bus that takes you 50m, and it’s ridiculously slow too
The departure lounge is also tiny, and feels like an oven in 30c heat

Doha is pretty bad, the airport is new yet they still deboard a B787 with a bus and in 45 degree heat it’s not particularly nice

I’m really tempted to edit that title to “best airports for boarding/deplaning by bus”. I enjoy being on the tarmac and getting close to the plane.

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yup Doha is up there… especially when you have a stopover near midnight

Yeah its atrocious for such a new airport

I’ve never taken the bus, except for terminal transfer at EGLL four years ago.

London Stansted, easily. Once you get off your £6.99 flight from Poland, you then sometimes (depending on where you get parked) take a crowded bus with about 60 people too many on and then have the pleasure of waiting for the transit train which is also cramped. I’m not even going to start about the security lines or baggage…but Stansted is the worst for disembarking. #RyanairProblems

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Then fly with someone who parks at a gate ;)

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Beijing and Shanghai?

But not every airline has airfares starting at pocket money prices though 😉😏

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