Worst airport to deal with in IF

I love the reef runway at HNL but it is such a pain to taxi to (Very few leaving points and the “drive” to the terminal/vice versa is horrible and long).

AMS has some runways far away from the terminal too.

What’s you least favorite airport to deal with in IF?

Long live the DC-9!

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I really like LFPG - CDG (well, I live just near that airport so I know it quite well!).

Amsterdam is interesting too, but you are right, some runways are very far.
Singapore and KL are not bad, always a pleasure to fly between these!

Without a Runway Diagram, Blue Lights and Signage all IF Airposts are the worst! Ever get lost on a taxiway at an IF major or on a first time stop over?
Just sayin, Mad Max Sends

Uhm… Good question!
AMS’ prefered landing runway is 18R which is very far from the terminal buildings… I hate long taxi.
HNL’s 08R is hardly ever used… I’ve never landed on it.
My favorite airports are:
London Gatwick (I love coming in as Indonesia 88 Heavy almost every morning)
Birmingham (lovely layout and markings)
Paris CDG (when landing at 08R at 1.000 ft you’re already over some aprons!)
LAX (compact and efficient)
Oakland (approach into runway 30)

The worst is maybe London Heathrow… Very laggy (on my device) and difficult to taxi to the right gate. And when landing at 27L there is a strange hill on the left side.

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