Worst Airline Service You Have Ever Had

Hey guys I was just curious but what airline have you flown with before and had the worst service EVER! An example would be the crew being rude or bad service.

One time I flew with Turkish Airlines and the crew were honestly so rude!

Another time was aboard believe it or not American Airlines the service was just really horrible!

Comment below on your worst flying experience EVER!


There was this really crappy Airline I went on in Ghana! It was horrible for an African airline!
African Airlines are good! But not this one!

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The capitalisation of Airlines makes it look like African Airlines is a company :p.

I’ve had quite bad service on United. Lousy seats and staff are not very competent.


That’s a shame better luck next time then 😜

Yeah I have heard some bad things about United even though I have never flown with them before 😞

AirTran. That is all I must say.

TUIfly… when we were approaching the Airport my ear hurted so much

Jetstar doesn’t give blankets on a overnight flight.
Bu then they are a Low Cost Carrier.

The worst I’ve been on was on Flydubai from DXB to Frankfurt. Cheap airline and everything was expensive. You had to pay for a cup of water.

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Easyjet, late leaving then crew didn’t apologise and we were last to be served after they forgot us. Then had to sit on the ground for a while at Gatwick waiting for gate to become free then it didn’t so had to change to north terminal with a bike and 3 suitcases for 3 passengers

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JetBlue and American.

I honestly really like JetBlue, but on my first flight with them one of the flight attendants left a really bad impression on me and my family. An elderly man fell in the isle, and the flight attendant didn’t give a crap. He’s lucky the man wasn’t hurt because that could’ve easily cost him his job and the company a lot of money. Anyway, the passengers had to help the poor guy.

American Airlines has one of my favorite paint schemes. But if I had the option to fly with them again, I’d say no. The staff are ok with American, but the seats and cabin are a disgrace to all fliers. My mom’s tall but small metal barstools are more comfortable than those seats. On top of that, the cabin is rarely sanitary, and eating on their planes makes me feel sick.


Ah yes I have flown with American before along time ago when they didn’t have the new livery it was the old white red and blue stripe one lol it was a 767 and the crew were rude as well.


A lot of people won’t remember these 2 airlines, but my family has always had bad experiences with Northwest Airlines. And I believe when I was 2 or 3, we flew on “ATA” once and hated it lol. But of course that was years ago. The 2 Airlines don’t exist anymore.

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My dad flew Air Canada for a business trip to Winnipeg, and his coffee was thrown (Yes Thrown!) too him. After that the lady was fired mid flight.



Never again, never.


Why do you blame the airline??? lol

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Because it was the only flight where my ears hurt lol

That’s a strange reasoning to attribute the airline to that. They didn’t do anything to possibly hurt your ear so it must have been your own issue.

They have the smoothest landings

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