Worst Aircraft in IF Testing

Today I was flying from LAX-PMD airport in a 777-300ER, and the aircraft barely slowed down. It slowed down much better going north, but going south, east, and west, the plane barely went below 250kts when descending. I don’t know if it’s the liverly or a new bug, because when I fly the same aircraft but with an American liverly, it works better. I’d like you to test it out. When you get a chance, fly a Skyteam Air France 777-300ER aircraft to/from airports of your choice. !USE LIVE! (obviously)


You were descending to fast


Use -2000VS with spoilers in flight. Speed maintains.

Ask any questions, It’s my fav.

I don’t like the 757 for some reason on taxi it stops instead of keeps going when I return to idle

The 777 (and any heavy aircraft) can’t go down (descend) and slow down at the same time, it’s just the law of physics. My suggestion is level off at 10,100 allow 1.5 mins for the airplane to slow to 240 then slowly start your descent eventual reaching 1800fpm. You shouldn’t need spoilers and you won’t exceed 250kts.

Planning ahead will always solve the problem ;)



Just to breify add, I made a recomendation to make the Spoilers in flight mode more effective for the larger types of planes, including the 380, 747 & 777 etc.

But like other people have suggested to you already, you need to slow the rate of decent.

No, but in real-life they go further.
Around 10-15degrees