Worldwide | The IFC Magazine | October release is here!


Hello IFC and welcome to the first release of Worldwide.

This is a Magazine for the community to read a look at updates or to see highlights. There will be a new release of this Magazine every month. There will also be special releases during the year so be sure to look out for those!

This months version:


September 2018:
Octoberber 2018:

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Have Fun reading!

Chris Wing


This is amazing! I’m not much of a reader but this is my new favorite magazine!


Thank you! I must say that next month will be a lot better a I will be heading to RAF Cosford and will hopefully be able to ask a few questions for the magazine. I also want to improve it every month, it may not be the best now but it will improve!

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Really enjoy this good work! I Hope this stays really well!!

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Thank you! I hope to make it a bit longer next month!

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This is really good! Very organized. Love it and hope to see more!

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Thank you very much. Oh there will be much more :)


Looks really cool and I too am excited to see what you can turn this into.

Are the Live Flight and Flight Cast pages supposed to be like ads? That’s a really cool approach to make it even realistic! Keep it up :)

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Yes they are, I hope they don’t mind as I am advertising for them.

I don’t see an issue, but it may be a good idea to reach out to them regarding the use of their logo(s) - even if it is in a promotional context for them.


Yeah I will do that. I don’t want to cause problems but I thought it would be cool if it was there.

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Great idea, I’d be happy to write an article or two for you each month if you’d like? Considering I work in the RAF, I could focus on military or something?

There’s a lot of,us where,could,contribute. Including @anon93248082! Haha


I’m always down to help! lol

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Yeah that would be great as I want this to be a community magazine

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If you want real world stories specially involving rotorcraft HMU!

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Likewise, if you want some real world stories, military exercises, events, equipment… whatever, HMU.


Yeah that would great. With some pics would be great.


I always have something to say innit 🤗

To start of with, About the idea, It’s an amazing idea, Especially for people on Vacation/Away For IFC for over a month, All they need to do is check one of these magazines which updates them of all (hopefully) the main things such as huge announcements and updates that they have missed out on.

Secondly, The way it has been made, I have nothing to say about this. It’s very clear the their has been a lot of hard work and dedication put on this, When I heard your doing things such as a website I knew that your extremely dedicated.

Last but not the least, Maintenance, I’m sure that you will keep this going maintain it and updated it often. Best of Luck!

I’m going to be one of the ‘frequent readers’ ;)

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Thank you very much! I am very thankful for the feedback as that motivates me to improve it. I want this to be a place where people can come together and read and also contribute.

I am also very lucky that I have started as an apprentice at a web design studio and they offered me free hosting for my website and maybe a free domain :).

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This is awesome! Really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work - well done!

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