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Welcome to Worldwide | There IFC Magazine

Worldwide magazine was founded in September 2018. The goal was to bring reliable news to the community about Infinite flight and real world aviation, while also allowing the community to contribute.

Since then we have redesigned our entire Magazine from top to bottom. On the 3rd of February 2019 Worldwide debuted it’s new design.

Take a look at the current magazine of the month. Just head over to the This months magazine.

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“This is amazing! I’m not much of a reader but this is my new favorite magazine!” @Plane-Train-TV

" enjoyed reading this issue, lots of interesting articles! The new design looks great! Keep up the good work!" @PlaneCrazy

“You did a fabulous job with this magazine. Well done.” @Marc

Worldwide | The IFC Magazine is based on connecting the community, that is why we want you to send in your screenshot or stories and get them featured in the magazine.

Are you interested?

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This is easily the best thing to do when I am literally filled with bordem, and then I get an email saying the new newsletter is out. It’s always nice to see an overview of what goes on in this Community.


Thanks for the great feedback. The idea of the newsletter is, when we release a new magazine, you get notified straight away.

I love the online feature of these and the easiness and simplicity of it. Great job

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Thank you for the kind feedback. We hope to have a offline version in the future :-)

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I see you @ifcmagazine Rockin the P&P logo. Great mag, I really liked it. You should have made an article on some of the upcoming community meetups.

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Yes. It’s a cool logo ;)


We will! We are also going to be at a few.

  • LHR meetup
  • RAF Cosford

Nice, if you need a hand with writing any of those. You know where to find me. (I will not be at any, but I will help you guys out)

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Thanks for the offer, we will consider it.

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