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Envoy Air First officer Swayne Martin!

Ex Mokulele C208 F/O based in Hawaii, now an Envoy Air F/O hoping around the United States in the ERJ-140/145, Swayne Martin is a very well known pilot in the aviation industry. Mainly known from his YouTube channel, he also has a large following on Instagram where he posts about the daily life of a regional pilot.

Ask Questions

So now it’s your turn. We would like you to ask some questions. We will choose them in a few days time and you will be able to see them in the next release of Worldwide | The IFC Magazine.

The questions might be reviewed by Envoy Air and sent to the pilot. For this reason some questions may not be able to be answered!

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What is the most challenging part of your job?

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OH Swayne Martin, one of my favorite flight youtubers!

  1. How did you manage to get through collage economics wise? (Student loans, etc.)

  2. Did you start flying before going to UND?

  3. Would you recommend UND as a good university for aviation?

  1. How did you pay for flight school?

  2. What’s the most challenging part of your Job?

  3. Any tips for becoming a pilot?


How do you manage the hotel life?

Any tips to save money while away from home? I


How difficult was it finding the job in Hawaii?


Would you prefer to fly the C208 or the ERJ 140/145?

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How does your relationship/situation with airlines you work for work/change because you create content in partnership with them?

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  1. As you look back at how you got to where you are in your career, would you have done anything differently based off the knowledge you have now?

  2. What would you recommend to young men and women who are thinking about perusing a future career as a pilot?

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Been following you your YouTube channel for a while and really enjoy your productions. They come across as very high value, well done.

As a professional pilot do you still fly for pleasure on your days off? A friend of mine flys for BA and when he has a long layover he try’s to arrange to rent a GA and go and explore some of the local area.

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If you could fly any aircraft - what would you choose?

What are your thoughts on the recent 737 MAX accidents

Boeing or Airbus?

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How do you, pilots, calculate the descent plan?

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Hello Swayne! I am a huge fan! Me and a few others are actually starting a Mokulele VA and that is all thanks to you! I just have a few questions for you:

• What first brought you to the Aviation field?
• Besides getting to work in Hawaii, what was your favorite part of working for Mokulele?
• As an EAA Volunteer, what do you love most about getting to take kids on their first flight?
• What brought you towards Envoy Air, instead of other airlines?
• What do you enjoy most about the E145?
• What advice to you have for aspiring pilots?

Thanks for all you do and keep up your incredible work!

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So one question for you:

If you could fly to your favorite place in your favorite aircraft, where would that place be?

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What are your plans for the future in your aviation career?

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Oh! I got one more.

What’s the end game? I know you’re a young lad with your whole aviation career ahead of you. Where do you see yourself retiring from? Is it long haul? Cargo? Corporate? Or is it in aviation at all?

Thanks and safe travels!


Thank you everyone

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! We are going to send them to Swayne very soon! You will be able to read the interview in our magazine, which will be out hopefully next week.


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