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Worldwide Interviews

Welcome to our new section called “Worldwide Interviews”, where we’ll be interviewing people involved in the aviation industry! Every two months we’ll feature one of these interviews in our magazine.

EasyJet Switzerland Captain Patrick

Patrick is a EasyJet Switzerland captain, who’s based at the Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (LFSB). He has a type rating for the A320FAM & flies regularly in the A320 or A319 around the skies of Europe. Although not being his first career choice, he loves it. Even after many years of flying in different aircraft, for different airlines, he still enjoys it.


So now it’s your turn. We would like you to ask some questions. We will choose them in a few days time and you will be able to see them in the next release of Worldwide | The IFC Magazine.

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Questions from Switzerland ✌️

Can you transfer from EasyJet Switzerland to the classic EasyJet?

How is it to wear the “Top Swiss” callsign? 😎

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Scariest moment in-flight? Whether it be very bad turbulence, engine failure, you name it!

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How did you become a pilot? Which academy did you visit? How were you able to finance it?

I just know the costs at the SWISS aviation academy. Basically the only reason why I haven’t applied yet is because I can’t afford that.

Und grad no es Hallo au us Basel! 👋🏼


@Q-ENAN @max7777 @Marc Thank you all for the great questions! And for the rest make sure you ask your questions!

What is the best part of flying for a low cost carrier?

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Do you plan on transitioning to a wide body aircraft?

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Isn’t this similar to the IFCI? Anyway,

What was you first career choice, if not a pilot?

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Who inspired you to join or become a part of this profession?

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Send in some more questions!

Do you enjoy flying in challenging weather and airports?

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How long have you been at EJ Switzerland and how is the experience so far?

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Another thing I’m curious about:

As you are working for easyJet Switzerland, is your payment any different as it would be it you’d be working for easyJet UK or is it more or more the same? And is there a big difference in the salary if you compare a low-cost carrier like easyJet to another airline like SWISS?


This thread will be closing later today. If you have any questions then ask them soon! The interview will be in our magazine that will be released this week.

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@Latvia Not really as this will be in the magazine. I also think that Worldwide interviews are interviewing people like pilots and aviation people. You can always contact them on their website.

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What was your scariest moment in-flight? Have you experienced some mayday or emergency situation?

What flight route do you like the most? Do you have a favourite one?

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@Q-ENAN @max7777 @Marc @Kacey @Pilot_B @Latvia @indraniel @NeperQiell @calocat @Jakub_Astary The interview will be out on the 1st of February in the Worldwide Magazine. Make sure you check it out!