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Welcome to our new section called “Worldwide Interviews”, where we’ll be interviewing people involved in the aviation industry! Every two months we’ll feature one of these interviews in our magazine.

British Airways Captain James Parry

James Parry is a British Airways captain who’s based at London’s Gatwick Airport (EGKK) in the UK. He’s a certified A320 family pilot and flies around the skies of Europe getting passengers to their destinations. After three years of being a First Officer and flying in the right seat for BA, he very recently upgraded to captain and now flies in the left seat of the A320 family. He hopes to continue his pilot career fly larger aircraft to further away destinations.

Ask Questions

So now it’s your turn. We would like you to ask some questions. We will choose them in a few days time and you will be able to see them in the next release of Worldwide | The IFC Magazine.

The questions will be reviewed by British Airways and sent to the pilot. For this reason some questions may not be able to be answered!

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I’m thinking about one.

But question for you: How do you get in touch with those persons? Last time an easyJet pilot, now BA. How do you manage arrange those interviews?


How did you first get into the cockpit as a first officer? What path did you take?


Do you work with many international pilots in BA? If yes would you say it’s a good company to work at for international pilots?

Did you get into a cadet program or did you go down the self sponsored route of a modular / integrated ATPL?

Are there many opportunities to change to long haul aircraft after a certain amount of time?


I’ve been following him on Instagram for quite some time now, and so I decided to message him to see if he’d be interested in doing an interview. -Nick

His Instagram is @sleepeatflyrepeat if you’d like to know more about him :)

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As a classic, B737 or A320? And what do you feel about this comparison?

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Just a heads up for those who haven’t seen this yet.

The questions will be reviewed by British Airways and sent to the pilot. For this reason some questions may not be able to be answered!

What’s the difference in selecting a flaps 3 vs flaps full A32X landing. (I’ve heard it’s done in gusty winds for better G/A performance but that’s it-hoping you could elaborate) Thanks!

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We will stop accepting questions after 2100Z, so make sure to ask your questions before the deadline. Anything asked after 2100Z will NOT be forwarded to British Airways and featured in our magazine!

How do you rate your experience flying the A320, and your experience with British Airways? What was your best experience that you got flying with British Airways that you believe you wouldn’t get flying another airline?

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What was your route from finishing GCSEs at school through to applying and getting the job for BA? Did you have any flying lessons or PPLs to your name before the job? What is the trickiest approach you’ve flown?

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Are you still going to ask a question?

I totally forgot about it this time. Didn’t came up with one. But there have been interesting questions submitted by other users!


What is the most challenging airport you have flown into? submitted with 3 minutes to spare lol

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Thanks for the questions. Make sure to read our magazine when it comes out to see your answers!

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Magazine should be out this weekend ✈