Worldwide Airspace Database

Have you guys given some thought to how we can have proper airspaces in IF? I tried finding some data online but it’s only for some countries, and most often incomplete…

We might need something like this:

Name: Norcal Approach
Frequency: 134.5
Floor: 2500
Ceiling: 4499 or 4500 (to include the alt)
Class: Charlie
Description: Arrivals for SFO, East Sector

If anyone is motivated to implement something where we could draw airspaces… :)


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I worked with Ian on this briefly a while back. I could probably get this setup with GeoJSON

That would be awesome, let me know if you need anything from my end :)

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Time. I need time… ;)

If we get a spaceship in orbit and attach it to vertically-aligned points of the earth, we could slow down the rotation of the earth. That way we get more hours in the day, and more sleep at night. Win-win for everyone :)

I guess you’ve already looked into this: ?

This is interesting actually. I’ve registered for an account. Only downside is the data needs to be downloaded manually per country.

Data is in XML format with easy specs, worth a look:

Why not segment the globe mathematically into quadrants of equal size and then designate the metadata using a simple dispersion pattern. What is the preferred size for a sector?

I am certainly no expert in this field but my understanding is that airspace can be disputed and can also be geopolitical, hence my suggestion for an arbitrary segmentation on the planet to ensure full coverage and no need for maintenance once set up.

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