WorldTour 2020


Callsign - TOUR2020
Aircraft: A318

Sydney - Christchurch ✅
Christchurch- Auckland ✅
Auckland - Pago Pago
Pago Pago - Honolulu
Honolulu - Portland
Portland - Denver
Denver - Las Vegas
Las Vegas - New Orleans
New Orleans - Chicago
Chicago - Washington
Washington - Ft Myers
Ft Myers - Cancun
Cancun - Quito
Quito - Arequipa
Arequipa - Santiago
Santiago - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires - Rio
Rio - Salvador
Salvador - Fortaleza
Fortaleza- Dakar
Dakar - Lanzarote
Lanzarote - Manchester
Manchester - Frankfurt
Frankfurt - Krakow
Krakow - Torino
Torino - Antalya
Antalya - Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh - Dubai
Dubai - Ashgabat
Ashgabat - Almaty
Almaty - Dushanbe
Dushanbe - Multan
Multan - Lhasa
Lhasa - Chengdu
Chengdu - Kunming
Kunming - Guangzhou
Guangzhou - Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung - Manila
Manila - Davao
Davao - Surabaya
Surabaya - Darwin
Darwin - Cairns
Cairns - Sydney


Cool idea! Can’t wait to see the progress of the rest of the tour!

Hey, I saw you on this leg last night

Hi mate, Which callsign you?

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I was QVG474 heading to Sydney (Flying over Antarctica)

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I seen this on Infinite Flights Social Media, vert nice :)

I have a picture of you departing, I’ll send you it when I land

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Saw you on approach to Vegas!

btw my favorite route

Really neat idea, I’m exited to see where you go next! Nice photos as well!

Wow! The landing didn’t go as well as expected

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Got some very big plans for after this tour. All will be revealed soon! 😉

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