World's Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports

Only a couple of pilots are even allowed to land at Paro. Unpredictable weather, mountains around the airport and a steep final turn.
Airports like St. Maarten and Madeira are not dangerous, but can be challenging.

I voted for McMurdo simply because of its location. It is quite literally the most dangerous because of the fact that if a crash were to happen during take off or landing, there are very few to no resources to help survivors or ensure a quick response. This isolation alone makes it the most dangerous.

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I’m stuck between Toncontin and Paro. Both have difficult final banks where your wing can easily strike the floor.

I’ve tried landing at Toncontin and it is a challenge especially since there is no ILS and its visual. The final turn to the runway is a tad bit difficult and at around 6600 feet, there must be precision. The airport is also at 3300 ft MSL so the approach speed should be a little higher than usual.

Id say the airport with MCAS in it! Lol jk. All seriousness though Maderia, Paro, and Toncontin take my top 3

I’ve gotta go with Paro. First off, it’s nestled in the mountain range that has some of the tallest mountains in the world. You’ve gotta weave through several mountains upon the approach. Along with that, the weather can shift so quickly. Good one moment, bad the next. Fog, wind, etc. All enemies of any landing/takeoff, and the mountains only emphasize the danger. Making a turn at the very last minute on runway 33, very hard to get aligned for landing. The runway is also super short for the altitude it’s at, maximum braking is needed. Several planes have overrun in the past.

This is why Paro is the most dangerous, in real life and IF.

Ok guys. Thank You so much for voting and helping me choose my next flight. Lukla nepal is clear winner and paro is second so i will fly from paro to lukla and will upload flight details and screenshots. Stay tuned.

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