World's shortest comercial flight | EGEW - EGEP

The world’s shortest comercial flight is between Westray (EGEW) and Papa Westray (EGEP) which are both located on separate Scottish islands aproximatley 2.7 Km apart, here is a list of some information about how the route is operated:

2.7 Km

Flight time
57 seconds

Airline Operator

Aircraft Operated
Britten-Norman BN2B-26 Islander


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I find this route interesting as it’s not well known, so I thought it would be great thing to share to the community XD

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It has to do with the category. Don’t see why you guys are attacking the OP/mini modding. There’s nothing wrong with this. I learned something out of it.


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This plane gives me still nightmares to this day, but also dreams.
I’ve flown with this when the engine just didn’t want to start😰

But in addition, I could sit next to the captain and see him doing his job on his 15-minute flight

More over, nice information. But I don’t know if Winnair does that route😉

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Lol yeah it was just easier because there weren’t that many photos of Loganair aircraft doing their operations at the airport, thank you for the kind words though!

Ignore the others, this is a great topic!

I generally am fascinated by these ultra “Short” flights, just something about them is so cool to me. Done this a couple of times in IF, its fun!

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Great Topic. Love it! ;)

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Yeah that route in Infinite Flight is pretty hard to fly for me at least, that’s why I did it in solo mode, i still crashed 😔

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Interesting route, I imagine that there is no after takeoff checkist as the crew would need to immediately prep for landing.

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I am sure if you look up this flight there’s probably many videos.
Wonder why it says failed🤷🏻‍♂️ I haven’t watched yet but Sam Chui is someone very good to watch so:)


Link works on my end :)

Édit: He was unable to do Westray-Papa Westray due to severe fog


I know, but look at the picture, it says failed🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway slightly off topic this comment… But interesting video for sure


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