World's Second Busiest Air Route

Today I flew from Melbourne(YMML) airport to Sydney Kingsford(YSSY), Took off RWY 34 and landed at RWY 07. Plane was a Qantas B737-800 flying with Call-sign Qantas 094.

Flight was flown on the casual server, time of departure was 06:34 UTC(17:34 Local Time), time of arrival was 07:39 UTC(18:39 Local Time).

Qantas B787-9, Dash 8 Q400 and B737-800 at YSSY

Bit of a crosswind takeoff from RWY 34 at YMML

After arrival at YSSY

That’s the end of my first ever topic, thank you for your time at viewing my first topic.

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Nicely captured, hope you enjoyed the scenery!

Oh and Welcome to IFC 🙂


Nice photos!
What is actually the most busiest route?


Good question, according to a Telegraph article last month its a 280mile flight between Seoul Gimpo and Jeju International with over 76,000 flights between the two in 2018


Nice shots!


I loved it…

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Great pictures!

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Thanks mate.

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Hey mate,
Just wanted to let you know that I believe YSSY - YMML and vise versa is the business’s routine in the world (I know it once was and I believe it still is).

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