World's safest airlines

Just saw this article on the 20 safest airlines in the world. It is good to know they are are represented in Infinite-Flight.
Thanks developers, whatever your process you know how to pick them.


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I’ve already moved the topic for you ;-)


Thanks for the link however the website is pretty crap and I can’t actually see what is on the list other then pictures of different aircraft


It seems unfair that this only has mainline carriers and no LCCs.


Just letting you know the airlines are: Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Eva Air, Lufthansa, Alaska,All Nippon Airways, Virgin Australia, American, Hawaiian, Japan, KLM, SAS, Swiss International, United, Virgin Atlantic, and number one Qantas.


How come Virgin America is not their

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Because Virgin America isn’t safe


Strange Virgin America has never crashed or had a major incident.

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I feel everyone is going to ask:

’ Why is my [your favorite airline] not there? ’


air new zealand :D

They seem to be all major carries for a certain country :/ Would’ve liked to see more “regional” carriers


It’s quite a shame the list didn’t include low cost carriers considering that they effectively manage their fleets with budgets less than the more established carriers.

It hasn’t been operating for a long time though so that’s likely why it isn’t on the list. They probably work it out by the amount of Flight each airline has and the amount of accidents. I don’t know though but I wouldn’t rely on these kinds of lists because it’s not clear how it’s determined

That entire “safest airline” thing is absolute BS.
To start with, How the heck do you measure safety? Very few people die in plane crashes every year and that small unlucky group is normally just 2 or 3 airlines.
Also it is unfair for airlines that have been around for longer.
This makes the public have an impression that some airlines are safer than others, and the truth is that if an airline meets FAA standards then it is as safe as any other.
Flying is THE SAFEST way of transportation IN THE WORLD and IN HISTORY

Good to see a couple of Australian airlines in rhere

Where the snagagins is Air Koryo apologies if i spelled it wrong

Then how do we know there safe?

Yeah boi alaska is there :D

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