World's New Longest Commercial Flight - Air Tahiti's Nonstop Papeete to Paris

Great tailwinds for the last bit here. FL400 and nearly 700kt across the ground! I’m a Hawaii guy but Tahiti is 100% on my bucket list.

Edit: Back in range of ADS-B, I kind of thought 687kt was high but ya never know across the Atlantic… I’m guessing the ~560kt GS is more accurate

Are either people who watch/spot the plane or have never flown economy on one unless it was JAL 😉

Seriously tho I’d fly premium economy to Tahiti 😍

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I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again, the passenger experience is way more down to airline seating. The 787 made so many advances in passenger confirmed even if the A350 copied them the 787 was the OG. It’s also about a hundred times prettier, fight me…

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Tell that to HAL later this year.

Touchdown in Paris! Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24

15 hours and 45 minutes of flight time! That’s shorter than quite a few of the world’s longest routes currently flying.


It was almost an hour shorter than when I flew it

This won’t be the case for long with Qantas’s sunrise flights from Sydney to London and JFK taking both over 19 hours.

I have flown on the ATN flights from PPT to LAX and vise versa. They were my first Dreamliner flights. It was only about 7-8 hours one way. 16 hours is a long flight!

Air Tahiti Nui is operating another direct Papeete to Paris flight right now.

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