World's New Longest Commercial Flight - Air Tahiti's Nonstop Papeete to Paris

Tonight, Air Tahiti Nui will operate the world’s longest ever commercial flight:

Nonstop Papeete to Paris.


For context, Air Tahiti Nui normally operates a Papeete to Los Angeles to Paris Charles de Gaulle flight.

However, because of the United States travel ban on foreigners coming in from the Schengen Area, Air Tahiti Nui has been forced to cut the Los Angeles sector of the flight, and will operate a one-time nonstop Papeete to Paris flight using a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.


This flight covers 9,765 miles at has an expected flight time of 16 hours and 30 minutes.

In comparison, this flight is 231 miles longer than Singapore Airlines’ Singapore to Newark flight but will be around 30 minutes shorter.

This flight, TN64, on Sunday March 15, 2020, is scheduled to depart from Papeete at 3:00 am and arrive in Paris at 6:20 a.m. on Monday March 16.

Now, on the return flight, the aircraft will no longer stop in Los Angeles and will instead fly Paris to Point-à-Pitre (PTP) to Papeete.


Beginning Tuesday, Air Tahiti Nui will fly Papeete to Point-à-Pitre to Paris replacing the Los Angeles stopover.

Not only is the nonstop Papeete to Paris flight the world’s longest commercial flight, it’s also the world’s longest domestic flight surpassing Air Austral’s Paris to Reunion flight at 5,809 miles.

Air Taihit 787-9: F-OMUA | Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner | Air Tahiti Nui | guillaume fevrier | JetPhotos

While it’s true, Qantas operated longer flights for its Project Sunrise Research flights, but those weren’t for the general public.

In comparison, Papeete to Paris is only 185 miles shorter than Sydney to New York.


Truthfully, a nonstop route like this likely wouldn’t have happened for years, but thanks to advancing technology and new conditions in air travel, this amazing route will operate for the first time, and hopefully not the last.


Wait this starts tomorrow???

Edit: I Just read it and realised

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This is pretty cool! Will definitely be tracking this on FR24!


I mean jee that is one heck of a route! Those poor pilots will really need some rest once they land.

Air Tahiti also sent a 789 to Vancouver today, probably as an intermittent destination between Paris and Papeete. Weird stuff


Zoo-Wee Mama! That’s a far one. Imagine how long it would be if they flew the return route nonstop!


Definitely a cool flight, thanks to the winds!

And, French Bee will also be operating between Paris (Orly) and Point-à-Pitre, continuing onto Papeete as a lot of passengers cannot fly to San Francisco anymore! 😬


The 787-9, the plane that just keeps on giving.

In a way, considering that the load is light(due to this decision), wouldn’t they be able to make CDG-PPT eastwards?

Rumoured temporary routes include operating via Guadeloupe(as mentioned by @GlobalFlyer1 in the case of Frenchbee) . I wonder if Vancouver could be a nice option too?


Well in reality, 16 hours isn’t too long for 787 so I don’t think load is too big of a problem

Probably not, seeing as the westbound route is already 16 hours and 30 minutes, and is 8485 nautical miles, which stretches the limits of the 787 (which is supposed to be able to fly a maximum of 7530 nautical miles with 290 passengers). Since it’s already almost 1000 nautical miles past it’s maximum range, they’re really just relying on the low load and winds to fly them to Paris. Coming back, the winds would be terrible for them and the flight would likely be 18 hours or more, which is why they need to operate via PTP or another airport.


Very well made post! This is actually very interesting as for whatever reason they seemingly can’t start flying via PTP right now, but choose this very long flight instead. Also this is most likely made possible by low load factors due to the current situation.


As someone who has flown on SQ22, I am a little sad that I won’t be able to say I’ve flown on the longer flight (in distance). However, it’s still longer in time flown and that’s all that matters 😂. Jokes aside, I think this special occasion is awesome, as it shows how advanced modern aircraft are. It’s great how well Air Tahiti Nui handled the situation!


Pretty much, from what it looks like the flight time will be around 18 hours as they’re battling the headwinds across the Atlantic.

CDG-LAX averages 11 hrs 30 mins, ignoring 30 minutes of descent time that would be around 11 hours to fly from CDG and be above LAX.

LAX-PPT averages around 7 hours and 30 minutes, ignoring 30 minutes of ascent, that’s around 7 hours so it’ll add up to around 18 hours of flight time.


What is a transit visa?

A transit visa is a visa for people entering the country, but not staying in it. Your going on a connection flight, but to get on that connection flight you need a transit visa. Ex: (YVR-LAX-MEX) would need a transit visa at LAX

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And she’s off!


787 takes the record back. I mean sure A350 is about to take the record in a way the 787 can’t with project sunrise. But for a year or two time for Dreamliner fans to take our moment… 😜

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TN64 Is Starting It Atlantic Journey! Left Canadian Air Space 🔜

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Even after a good waking day of flying I think a healthy ish is still necessary 😂

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im doing this flight in Infinite Flight right now.