World's most underrated country for scenery?

Hi all,

So a few days ago, I had the opportunity to check out the underrated scenery in Central Asia. I think I found the best country to enjoy such scenery.

…And that country is Kyrgyzstan!

Kyrgyzstan is a small, post soviet nation in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with large mountains and lakes all over the country.

All of this was taken on 8th September, on the casual server from UAAA to UCFO in around 20 minutes. Perfect route to see the whole country!

Taking off from Almaty, Kazakhstan and crossing the mountain border into Kyrgyzstan!

Taking a right turn west, we get a beautiful view of the famous Issyk Kul lake in the east.

Carrying on west, we stumble upon the Tien Shan mountains, around half of the way to Osh!

Another good one without the F22 blocking the way this time!

Like I always ask, do reply your favourite screenshot out of this fresh batch! If you do have some free time, you should fly around Kyrgyzstan and see the wonder for yourself.


Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing! My favourite must be the lovely lake, ever Houghton the competition is really close!

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It’s not just Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia needs to be known more. One time when they did one of those Community FNF where you could request a feature for FNF, I tried featuring Baku, Azerbaijan (which is technically Eurasia, but still near Central Asia) but I ran out of time when I was making the post.
Anyways good pictures

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Wow, I’ve never realized how beautiful this portion of the world is! It’s crazy that so many planes fly over this area (Europe–>Asia) but it’s so underappreciated. I guess when we’re over central Asia we’re already sleeping. I definitely know where I’m flying next!

i know right

Definitely Mongolia!

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Im a big Israel guy but that’s just me

Not too sure why, what the need, or what the urgency is to bump my topic… 12 months later but… whatever 🤷‍♂️

Also not sure why people are suggesting different countries, since I wasnt really asking for anything 😂


that is great scenery though… ngl

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The United States! We have a little bit of everything. Snowy mountaintops and deep valleys in the west, green, lush forests and reserves in the east, beautiful lakes in the north, expansive farmland and golden plains in the midwest and central areas, marvelous national parks like Yellowstone, breezy coasts that bathe in sunlight almost year round, and so much more.