World's most difficult approach: Paro Airport, Bhutan

Definitely, a real test of top flying skills. Can’t wait to try this once global is out.

The video isn’t mine. All credits to the author.


It doent seem that difficult “on video”

Trust me… I’ve flown it in a full motion 737 simulator…
it’s difficult. You basically land in a turn, and you have to put it down hard, since you cannot go around. You either land or crash…


That must be an unique experience. It’s pretty clear that the margin of error is very limited, since most of the approach is literally flown between the mountains.

That’s an understatement, you are REALLY close to the mountains, it doesn’t show on video… Wouldn’t like to fly there in CAT III weather if you catch my drift… lol


:thumbsup: doesn’t seem challenging within the video!

I dunno… I’m no commercial pilot but it looked pretty tricky to me.

Considering that he hand flew just about the whole video (you can hear the autopilot turn off) and when the “1,000” callout is heard he’s got a stone faced mountain ABOVE and very close to his right wing…

Looked to me like a hand flown slalom in the sky down through valleys and rock cliffs with a short runway at the end… with no chance of a go around? How hard could that be?!

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eh, still think Lukla’s harder, still, thanks for sharing :)

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Considering that nowadays, many commercial pilots only hand fly the aircraft on the approach phase right before touchdown.

Wanna try?


I see a “Most difficult landing” competition coming on when Global comes out!

Indeed. The event possibilities are virtually endless.

Wow! Amazing video. Can’t wait for Global so we can give this a go! Thanks for the video.

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not opposed to doing so…

Awesome. Thanks for sharing !

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