World's Longest Flight?

I was surfing on the web and found out Qatar Airways may be sending flights to Auckland. This will apparently make it the world’s longest flight.


Ugh CNN.

Even if this flight is to be launched, it will be quickly dethroned by SIN-EWR (Or JFK) which is ~~500 mi. longer


This sounds awesome, but I agree with @Boeing707, it will be dethroned if this is done.


So what is the longest then?

Dubai-Auckland on Emirates. Next year it will be Doha-Auckland on Qatar.

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How long is the flight?

Dubai-Auckland is 16H 5M
Doha-Auckland is 18H 34M

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They really want to take down Qantas from that title…while they are competing in that, I’m still waiting for the DXB-PTY route which was at the beginning the longest route about to operate, that Emirates announced last year😭 I was really excited!


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Yes, he said that earlier.

Once Qatar Airways gets their act together, then they’ll hold the title.

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DXB to DOH takes less than an hour? Why 2 hours difference?

Flight times and distances are calculated based on the great circle routes IIRC.

Perhaps winds?

Saw this on YouTube, how airplanes can fly so long.

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Check your pm

Starts tomorrow using there 777-200LR.

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i checked the so-called “route” on flight aware but the two airports’ distance doesn’t seem to be that far away from each other…

Yeah! I don’t why people are flying Doha - Auckland. They could walk it the lightweights.

you’re so funny i forgot to laugh

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