Worlds longest flight! WSSS-KEWR @WSSS 201550ZDEC19


General flight details

Flight time: 17:04
Aircraft: A350-900
Livery: Singapore Airlines

Flight weight

Fuel: 106.000 kilograms
Passengers: 268
Cargo: 26.000 kilograms

Take off details

Departure runway: Runway 02L
Speeds: 240//215//M.85
VS: 2400//2000//1400

Descend details

Descend details will be given 1 hour prior of descend


Nice thread! Unfortunately I am not able to participate:(

How do you get the black writing with the white square around it?



And then the text after it. @DimitriB

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Ten eerste, fijne vakantie🙃
Second, what server will this be?

@Emiel_L sorry I can’t

I already took off. Sorry.

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