World's Longest Flight: SIN-EWR (SQ A359)

9th July 2020: I operated the world’s longest commercial flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport, using a regular A350-900xwb, hope you enjoy!

Background to the photos
  • Singapore Airlines Flights 21 and 22 are, or were, the world’s longest flights.
  • With each flight having an average flight time of 18 hours and 30 minutes, there is only Premium Economy and Business Class on these flights.
  • The flight is usually operated by an A350-900ULR (9V-SG-) since its resumption of services since 11 October 2018, but has ceased services since the start of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The flight was previously operated by an A340-500, but services were stopped in 2013 due to a lack of profits from the route.
  • The A340-500 no longer operates in the Singapore Airlines fleet, due to its lower fuel efficiency
  • it currently holds the world record for the longest revenue flight
    -The routing of SIN-EWR flies 70nmi away from the north pole, and its total distance is 8285nmi
about the aircraft

-The A350-900ULR has 67 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, followed by 94 premium economy seats in a 2-4-2 configuration or 1-4-1 towards the back of the aircraft

  • The aircraft does not have extra fuel tanks, instead it has an improved fuel system, and increased fuel capacity increasing the range of the aircraft to about 9700nm
  • few airlines in the world have the A350-900ULR, with Singapore Airlines currently owning 7 of them

Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route:

  • Airline: Singapore Airlines (SQ)
  • Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB (9V-SMI)
  • Route: Singapore (SIN/WSSS) to Newark (EWR/KEWR)
  • Countries passed: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Inner Mongolia, Russia, North pole, Canada, United States of America
  • Total distance travelled: 8580nmi
  • Flight time: 17h02min
  • Total Flight time: 17h15min
  • Climb speed: Below FL100 - 250 knots, FL100-FL280 - 310 knots, FL280-FL400 - Mach 0.85-0.86
  • Cruise Altitude: FL320, step climb to FL400
  • Server: Expert


  1. V1, Rotate! Takeoff roll at Singapore’s Changi Airport, runway 20C. The aircraft is at 100% maximum takeoff weight as I loaded extra fuel as a precaution, making the gross weight of the aircraft close to 270 tonnes

2. Flying the SID out of Singaporean Airspace, after making a left turn

  1. Jump seat shot over Kunming, China

  1. Cruising at 38000ft with a slight head-crosswind over Inner Mongolia

  1. Winds have started to change direction, becoming a direct headwind, reducing the speed of my aircraft to a mere 420knots ground speed

  1. Sunset casting the A350 a splendid golden colour, what a sight!

  1. Strong headwinds over Russia as the sun dips over the horizon. Love the sunset, especially from the cockpit of the beautiful A350

  1. Flying over Canada after passing close to the North Pole. The sun barely sets in the North!

  1. Coming in for a landing at Newark’s runway 22R, where a United Boeing 78X has been patiently holding short of the runway awaiting my arrival. Got to watch it take off after I had vacated the active runway. Appreciate the patience of fellow pilots in the expert server!

  1. 100… 50, 40, 30, 20, retard… Landing on runway 22R of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). After 17h of flying, it’s good to be back on the ground again! Upon touchdown, spoilers are extended and reverse thrust is used to slow the plane down, together with the brakes. It’s been a fantastic flight, with great scenery and a lovely aircraft to fly

It’s been an eye-opening and really interesting flight to fly, Thank you for reading this little flight report and I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a like or a reply, and I always appreciate feedback on how to improve my posts. Cheers! :)


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thank you so much!

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This picture is 🔥!

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Amzing shots and must have been an interesting flight !!

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Amazing shots - I also experienced a midnight sun (where it doesn’t completely set) over Northern Canada literally only a few days ago.

Incredible pictures!!!

Wow amazing. I can’t wait to fly this route when I get a sub back

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Currently doing EGLL-YSSY, any tips on taking pictures on long hauls?

thank you!

What was the routing?

If you see any instagram worthy shots during your flight, just snap them, if not look in the replays. For photos during the actual flight you might want to consider switching off airplane dots and names under live settings. For the photos you post, you might want to include a few different camera angles (e.g. wing, cockpit, scenic) and include different shots during different flight phases, such as takeoff and short final. I personally like to include shots of myself with other aircraft at the same airport/airspace, just some points to take into consideration. Hope this helps!

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Any flight on the 350 is a great one

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Yeah, it does. I take all my pictures in replay mode exclusively. Thanks for the suggestions!

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The A350 is one of my favorite planes to fly because its easy to land smoothly with it

good to hear! hope you have a great flight and take some awesome pics, have a good one mate

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Thanks! Just entering Australian airspace now, 5:15 until landing 👍

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Beautiful pics😁🤣😍