World's Busiest Airports Tour - Airborne

Hi all,

Firstly, this is my first ever topic, so if there’s anything I can improve, do let me know!

Secondly, a while back I realised that I was always flying from/to the same airports and decided that I wanted to get out there and see the world, but I couldn’t really decide on a good way to see each part of the world in one tour with so many airports implemented in Live. So, I let Wikipedia do the thinking for me:

I will be flying to each one of the fifty airports on the list in order (1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd etc) over the course of however long this will take, I can’t be entirely precise on a timescale, but I will update this thread approximately 24 hours before I plan to do each leg of the journey, in case any of you wish to join me (all flights will be on the expert server, unless stated otherwise).

The tracker below will be updated so you can see what stage of the tour will be coming up next (and so I don’t forget myself!) and I’ll keep a handy little percentage running also, just for the fun of it!

Hope to see you in the skies soon! Note: All flight times given will be calculated based on a 787-9 flying long-haul routes and an A320-200 on short-haul routes.

The first twenty routes can be found below, the remaining thirty will be published as time goes on.


Percentage Complete: 32%

Flight 1: Atlanta (KATL) to Beijing (ZBAA) - Airborne @ 18:10Z 24-FEB - Landed @ 07:30Z 25-FEB - Actual Flight Time - 13 Hours 35 Minutes
Flight 2: Beijing (ZBAA) to Dubai (OMDB) - Airborne @ 22:06Z 26-FEB - Landed @ 05:50Z 27-FEB - Actual Flight Time - 7 Hours 50 Minutes
Flight 3: Dubai (OMDB) to Los Angeles (KLAX) - 15 Hours 50 Minutes - Airborne @ 21:08Z 01-MAR - Landed @ 13:30Z - Actual Flight Time - 16 Hours 39 Minutes
Flight 4: Los Angeles (KLAX) to Tokyo (RJTT) - 11 Hours 35 Minutes - Airborne @ 18:06Z 04-MAR - Landed @ 05:35Z 05-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 11 Hours 40 Minutes
Flight 5: Tokyo (RJTT) to Chicago (KORD) - 11 Hours 25 Minutes - Airborne @ 17:54Z 06-MAR - Landed @ 05:00Z 07MAR - Actual Flight Time - 11 Hours 15 Minutes
Flight 6: Chicago (KORD) to London (EGLL) - 7 Hours 20 Minutes - Airborne @ 10:09Z 10-MAR - Landed @ 17:37Z 10-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 7 Hours 36 Minutes
Flight 7: London (EGLL) to Hong Kong (VHHH) - 10 Hours 40 Minutes - Airborne @ 10:32Z 11-MAR - Landed @ 21:17Z 11-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 10 Hours 54 Minutes
Flight 8: Hong Kong (VHHH) to Shanghai (ZSPD) - 2 Hours 15 Minutes - Airborne @ 09:10Z 17-MAR - Landed @ 11:00Z 17-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Flight 9: Shanghai (ZSPD) to Paris (LFPG) - 11 Hours 50 Minutes - Airborne @ 09:12Z 18-MAR - Landed @ 21:15Z 18-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 12 Hours 03 Minutes
Flight 10: Paris (LFPG) to Dallas (KDFW) - 10 Hours 40 Minutes - Airborne @ 21:03Z - 22-MAR - Landed 07:05Z - 23-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 10 Hours 02 Minutes
Flight 11: Dallas (KDFW) to Amsterdam (EHAM) - 9 Hours 00 Minutes - Airborne @ 23:58Z - 26-MAR - Landed at 09:08Z-27-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 9 Hours 10 Minutes
Flight 12: Amsterdam (EHAM) to Frankfurt (EDDF) - 1 Hour 10 Minutes - Airborne @ 15:57Z - 31-MAR - Landed @ 16:49Z 31-MAR - Actual Flight Time - 0 Hours 52 Minutes
Flight 13: Frankfurt (EDDF) to Istanbul (LTBA) - 2 Hours 50 Minutes - Airborne @ 09:52Z 07-APR - Landed @ 12:27Z 07-APR - Actual Flight Time - 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Flight 14: Istanbul (LTBA) to Guangzhou (ZGGG) - 8 Hours 45 Minutes - Airborne @ 22:00Z 08-APR - Landed @ 06:59Z 09-APR - Actual Flight Time - 8 Hours 59 Minutes
Flight 15: Guangzhou (ZGGG) to New York (KJFK) - 15 Hours 05 Minutes - Airborne @ 07:15Z 10-APR - Landed 22:18Z 10-APR - Actual Flight Time - 15 Hours 03 Minutes
Flight 16: New York (KJFK) to Singapore (WSSS) - 17 Hours 45 Minutes - Airborne @ 21:42Z - 19-APR - Landed @ 15:09Z - 20-APR - Actual Flight Time - 17 Hours 27 Minutes
Flight 17: Singapore (WSSS) to Denver (KDEN) - 16 Hours 30 Minutes - Airborne @ 07:00Z - 25-APR
Flight 18: Denver (KDEN) to Seoul (RKSI) - 12 Hours 45 Minutes
Flight 19: Seoul (RKSI) to Bangkok (VTBS) - 5 Hours 15 Minutes
Flight 20: Bangkok (VTBS) to New Dehli (VIDP) - 4 Hours 35 Minutes


I love Atlanta! (My home airport)

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Hope you have a great tour!

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Good luck buddy! I might join you on some flights!

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I’ve not had the pleasure yet but I am planning on visiting America IRL, maybe I’ll find a chance to swing by!

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Thanks Starley! Hope to see you around!

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Wish I could come but it’s on Expert :(. But good luck.

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Nothing can beat that #1 spot :)

If you’re talking about Hartsfield Jackson, let’s just say I googled it to see what all the hype is about and all I can say is 👌👍


Yes, Jackson can be one of the busiest airport in the United States.

I can see why, it looks more like a hotel than an airport… I’d go just for the architecture 😂


You should add one more flight like KDFW to KATL so it can be a entire loop around the world.

KDFW is on the list of airports somewhere, that’s only the first 10 up there, will definitely be visiting before the tour is over 👍

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Oh wait… It’s there already… My bad haha…

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I know. It’s the last one on the list. That’s why I said add a extra flight from #10 to #1 so it can be a full loop around the world!

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Maybe I’ll do something big like that to finish, but I will do the whole list on Wikipedia first, I just haven’t added them all here yet

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Departing Atlanta


Arriving at Beijing

Landed in Beijing

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Here’s a couple of (rather scenic) screenshots from the last flight ahead of tonight’s marathon from the Dubai to the far side of America

Wonderful Pictures! Have an amazing time on your tour!

Make sure to let me know how much total flight time you get off of all 50 of your flights! I may need to do some of these myself!

Just Asking for fun: What do you think is the busiest airport in IF?

I think EGLL or KLAX, let me know what you think!

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Same, here.

You just got to get those landings and flight hours in. We’ll get there soon buddy!

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