"Worlds Best Infinite Flight Edited Airport" Contest by NickArtProductions

So I came up with the idea of doing a little contest or ranking, (like for example skytrax does in RL) for our edited IF airports. It’d just make a ranking based on quality, details and correctivety of the airports.

If somebody’d sponsor a price (plane model or itunes gift card) for place number one (or maybe even for Top 3) that’d be great!

I’m totally not sure how the ranking would be done respectively which airports will be ranked. I think every editor should send an airport he made into review, (only if he wants of course), which will be reviewed by a committee or the forum users in general.

Please state your input down in the comments, as I said it’s just a little idea I had today so tell me what you think!

I’d be happier if FDS hired me for an actual editing job :laughing:

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Interesting idea, but we’re only around 10 people contributing to this so it wouldn’t really make much sense now :)


As I said it’s just an idea! But mybe you could win more people ti contribute if there was a big contest with some nice prices. (like a year free IF live+ + a plane model etc.)
I’ve already git the slogan: “We want YOU for contributing and winning!”

If we made that public on IF I’m sure some people would start contributing. (I know they’d only do it fir the price, but at least rhwy would help!)

@Swang007 Yeah, me too… ;)
@John_Preston21 We all do, that’s why we’re here! It’s not meant as a paymeant, justa s a small friendly competition.
@carmalonso Yeah, as I said small friendly competition!

The only problem with adding new people is training. I know from experience how much there is. There is basic stuff, but then advanced techniques that you need to know for a really nice edit. (example: Snap to vertices, making longer and bigger objects rather than multiple small ones, etc.)

Well they would have a reason to learn it no?

Right now we’re trying to keep this project quiet, until such a time where we use new tools, I personally don’t see much point in the idea :)

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Well the basic idea was to make a ranking of nice airports, not to recruit new editors XD I’m still thinking about realizing it since we’re like a little “family” here ;)

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