World turns Black

Ok, so I was doing a routine flight @KLAX, then The map basically disappeared. I restarted app, uninstalled, restarted iPad, etc.but it was still there. Here are some photos:

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Corrupt files can happen once in a while. Restart the device and you will be fine!

This is a known issue and there are no known solutions at the time, sorry for the inconvenience this May have caused you.

How much storage do you have remaining on your device?

Brand new, this iPad is barely 3 days old

Try changing your rendering quality

If that is the case there is a chance you haven’t updated your iPad to the latest iOS. Go to settings and check if you are updated to the latest iOS.

I’m on the latest IOS

Issue being discussed here

If you can reproduce it, tell the world so we can rid this bug

Ok, if you read multiple and various other topics, you will know it’s a corrupt file. Reinstall the app…