World Tour on the E175![completed]

Today I ended my world tour on the E175! Tried to cover as many locations as possible. Took me almost 20 days to complete the trip! I started off from Mumbai(India) covering 28 destinations covering 50,000+ Kilometer’s (Great Circle Distance)! Kudos to developers for the amazing work on the aircraft! Loved every minute flying on it!
Below are two shots from my WALL-WSSS route!

Great circle map source-
Route calculated using aviapages- Flight Time & Route Calculator


Which was the longest flight ?

This is amazing!! Congrats on your achievement

Congrats ! That’s a huge achievement ;)
I’ve already done a world tour but with the TBM 930, much smaller compared to the E175 :)

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Wow that’s great!

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Thank you very much!

easter island to papeete! almost ran out of fuel😅

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Both amazing and fairly undiscovered/Unknown parts of this Globe

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