World Tour Leg 1

Hey, and welcome to my blog of my world tour. Through out my World Tour I will be sharing all the different place’s I’ve seen and personal experience. I will be updating this thread pretty regularly around 2300z on each day. On my world tour I plan to have about 65 - 70 legs.

Today I flew my first leg KMEM to CYQB along side me flew a person from my va @Luke_B. I chose those 2 airport’s for a very specific reason KMEM is the home airport of my VA which I am a proud member of and I chose CYQB because it’s the first airport I controlled as an IFATC member. We had a flight time of about 2 hour’s and 30mins. While climbing I snapped a quick photo during sun rise because I was finishing up hand fly mh beautiful MD-11F and letting the a/p take over.

During our time in cruise I tried spotting IFC member’s which will hopeful start getting me more involved in the community considering how wonderful this place is. You wish you’ve seen my final approach it was horrible and I’m not gonna hide it lol. I ended up landing with about a vs speed of -180ft/m. You know what was the hardest part finding a place to park. I ended up pulling into a random gate and signing off.

This was a quick summary of day 1 be sure to come back tomorrow for Leg 2 and be sure to let me know what you thought of this and how can I improve it.


While you’re on your world tour, make sure to improve your approaches. 😜

Just kidding, lol. Anyway, hope your world tour goes well, can’t wait to see where you go next!

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Whos know’s maybe I’ll end up in Greenland or I’ll just hup the pond in the MD-11F

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nice screenshot, and gl on ur world tour. please tag me every time you post

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Thanks bud I’ll be sure to tag you

Awesome! Keen to see more photos from your RTW flight!

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Thanks! I’m still learning on how to take good screenshot’s so hopefully they will improve throughout my world tour.

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