World Tour in a Month

Hello Aviators

Have you ever thought about virtual world tour?
I’m planning this for soo long

Now it’s Happening

The routes

The 1st week will be

Stockholm - Helsinki
Helsinki - New Delhi
New Delhi - Kolkata
Kolkata - Singapore
Singapore - Sydney
Sydney - Auckland

2nd week

Auckland - Los Angeles
Los angeles - Miami
Miami - Madrid
Madrid - Cairo
Cairo - Capetown
Capetown - Antarctica
Antarctica - Christchurch

3rd week

Christchurch - Tokyo
Tokyo - Dubai
Dubai - Doha
Doha - Brussels
Brussels - London
London - Reykjavik
Reykjavik - New York

4th week

New York - Toronto
Toronto - Vienna
Vienne - Dubaï
Dubai - Male Maldives
Male - Mumbai
Mumbai - Kathmandu
Kathmandu - Paro

End of the trip

The destinations are inspired by Real life nonstop routes

Due to my busy schedule I can only play once in a day ,so I make sure I’ll fly only long hauls.

But there are short haul flights too,
Like Brussels - London, Male - Mumbai

This virtual tour exclude

South American continent & Russian Territory
Not because I don’t like those contries

I cannot fly over Russia due to the huge size and the In the south American continent there are lots of countries to cover, like Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
But as I said those trip aren’t possible for me.

The 1st week is completed


Looks like fun

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