World Tour - IFATC at Home 29AUG20

IFATC at Home is something I’ve really wanted to join. However, since I am not part of IFATC during the August edition (29AUG20), why not I get involved by saying hi to IFATC around the world?


I am no photo editing expert and all the shots are original without editing. Sincere apologies if my shot is not good enough but I’ll strive to improve. If you have any feedback please feel free to let me know :)

Ready? Here we go

First, nothing better than saying hi to @TheAviationGallery at my base WSSS :)
Pictured on the background is Malaysia Airlines B738 flown by @Eden_Tan and British Airways B772 by I cannot remember who
Route: WIMM-WSSS, block time 0558Z-0708Z

Second, off to the land of Mabuhay. Sending warmest regards to RPVM @LesterXavier and RPLL @Andy_R
Route: RPVM-RPLL, block time 0717Z-0820Z

Sorry @Andy_R no shots at RPLL due to limitation

Third, hello @MarkONE from WSSL-WSSS in a C750, his go-to aircraft from patterns. Parking beside @TheAviationGallery who is getting ready for groupflights with MHVA

Fourth, impromptu group flights with @TheAviationGallery and MHVA gang :) right after taking off 20C, turning left towards WSSS is sure a great view for the pilots.
Route: WSSS-WMKK, block time 0855Z-0942Z

Fifth, after relaxing in Bali paradise of @Abdurobb, back to the bustling Jakarta.

Original plan was to land in WARR, but WARR goes offline 50nm before landing. Changed to WIII but also goes offline 100nm before landing. I am so unlucky

Route: WADD-WIII, block time 0945Z-1115Z

Sixth, onto Asian Virtual Summit hosted by @TheAviationGallery with 11 VAs in total. @MarkONE did an amazing job by taking off 70 aircraft within 90 minutes, all by using single runway departures (to keep with realism at night :p)
Route: WSSS-WMKK, block time 1220Z-1335Z

Seventh, finally @Ramzi_Khairan is online after he left me on fifth flight :p
So off I go to say hi to him at the bustling capital of Jakarta, together with the SVA, LGVA, AVA inbound to WIII from the Asian VA Summit event :)

Here’s me taxiing to parking with Air France in the background
Route: WIPP-WIII, block time: 1347Z-1450Z

Eighth, taking off from Paris (thanks @Alexandre) to say hi to @Ecoops123 at EGMD. Full thrust cannot save me from full stop beyond the runway oh god… Also, realism police gonna catch me as I almost swerve to the grass.
Route: LPFG-EGMD, block time: 1628Z-1707Z

Ninth, onto a short hop from Boston by @JAR to JFK by @Ricky_Bay. What a small world as I met @MilkTea on the background (in Jetblue livery) when I was taking off from Boston :p
Route: KBOS-KJFK, block time: 1715Z-1805Z

Tenth and finally, waking up early on a Sunday to catch @Astreal and @ToasterStroodie on his home airport at ZBAA. As I posted this, what a coincidence that @ToasterStroodie is also a staff at CAVA :)

Even though Air China does not have many aircraft in the game, at least this livery is lovely

Route: ZBTJ-ZBAA, block time: 2355Z-0025Z

Before you go

I can only post 10 picture in one post, so I’d like to thank

  1. @MilkTea for allowing me some pattern work at WSSS as well :) Timing was 1550Z-1620Z
  2. @Rhys_V for allowing me to do one patterns at KLGA. Timing was 1810Z-1830Z

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading! Do let me know if there is anything I can improve in terms of the shots :) Have a great September and stay safe wherever you are <3

Which shot do you like the best? :)

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Great shots @Anthony_Morgan! Thanks for coming 🙂

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Liked all of the shots man! Keep it up :D

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Well i definitely think that this AF aircraft deserves to be better handled than that but all theses shots are really amazing, hope you enjoyed my service.

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I loved doing IFATC at home, even better it was on my birthday! Thanks for swinging by KLGA, and great shots!


Thanks for stopping by @Anthony_Morgan at RPLL even if you didn’t have pictures , it really means a lot to me for someone to send regards:) Great shots by the way.


The runway at EGMD is 9 foot longer than London City, and 6 foot wider! This airport plans a runway extension to begin building a more modern commercial terminal, making this airport into an outer London airport that sees commercial airliners using aircraft as large as the A319 and 737!

Thanks for coming!


fantastic trip and perfect documentation, nice to meet you in Bali 😉

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Lovely photos, Anthony! Appreciate you dropping by!

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Thanks for supporting our Beijing Capital Int’l Airport-- the Second Busiest airport in the world!

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