World tour, a REAL World tour. One of the biggest craziness in IF history


So today i was checking the “World tour” of one of my favorite artists to see if he’s coming to my country, but of course, the “World tour” was just in the US, Canada, France, Australia, South Africa, Mexico… But where is Colombia?

So this idea popped to my mind, I want to make a real world tour, including all the territories, and of course, everyone is invited to join me in this very long journey!

This trip will be all flown with a TBM-930, excepting for flights longer than 4 hours, in that case we’ll be using the A318.

Everyday we will make a different route, if I definetly can’t attend to one leg, I will make two legs the next day.

And what about the destinations? The idea is to visit the two biggest cities of every country or territory. For the countries that doesn’t have any airport, we will use the nearest airport.
(Ex. Vatican City - Rome )

I will inform about the next destination the day before it, and the hour… Well, is hard because i have to do another things, but i’ll try to be puntual.

This trip will start this friday, on November 5, and i hope to see some of you guys. I’ve checked about other attempts of this challenge and this is the best one so far.

Since the goal is to arrive in at least 2 different airports per country, we will duplicate the 211 legs he made… So this challenge will take around one and a half year to be archieved.

The idea is to go across south america all way down to antartica, then turning again to SA and crossing the Caribbean islands, US and Canada. Then west europe, Africa, Middle east, Asia from Turkey, Oceania and all the Oceanic islands (Including Hawaii), then up to East Russia to complete the missing part of Europe, again Canada and West US, to go down in Central America , with Colombia as our final destiny. This is what i’ve planned so far :


The journey will start in my hometown, Bogotá, Colombia.

Thanks for reading :)


First leg

Route : Bogotá, Colombia (SKBO) - Quito, Ecuador (SEQM)

Aircraft : TBM - 930
Server : Expert
Flight Time : 1:30
Time : 2021-11-05T20:00:00Z


Good luck on your journey!

Hey IFC.

I don’t know where to start this, because this happened some hours ago and i’m still with a lot of feelings.

Well, so I live in a third world country, in a middle class neighborhood. Today when I was in a bus back to my home i got robbed, so this challenge is cancelled before even starting lol.

This is my first time (and i hope the last) being pointed with a gun, and also my first time getting robbed. I lose around $250 dollars but i’m fine phisically.

I learned about this bad experience two things that i want to share with you (This is very offtopic) :

  1. NEVER, NEVER try to resist a robbery, yeah, is hard and frustrating to lose money and information but you are alive, and that’s the only thing that matters.

  2. Be really grateful, always. Even if you believe or not in something, just be grateful for one more day of life, for another food, for having technology, a bed and a good health.

Anyway, i will organize myself with this challenge and schedule all the routes so more people can join. Thanks for reading :)


Oh no, we all would only wish the best for you, No one should ever have to go through that.

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Thanks, i really appreciate it :).

you doing good bro? feel really bad for you hopefully you can come back stronger from this experience

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Aw man, im so sorry that had to happen to you, some people are just so messed up and selfish, I hope the best for you.

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