World’s Top 20 Busiest Airports

(Source: ACI)

In my never-ending search for aviation facts, I came across this list of the world’s top 20 busiest airports. The list includes nine airports from Asia, five each from North America and Europe, and one from the Middle East. Of note is the absence of New York (JFK), maybe due to the city having multiple airports. Although London (LHR) maintains a strong position on the list, while having several major airports nearby. What are your thoughts? Does anything on the list surprise you?


When the Heathrow Expansion is finished (by 2026), it will have enough capacity for 130-140 million passengers. It will FINALLY be the No. 1 airport again.


No doubt about it, as no other airports have any expansion plans. ;)

#12. We are getting there… ;)

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:) mate although DFW is a massive base for american, not much else in the way of expansion is happening there to my knowledge (which admittedly is quite limited on that area) :)

Well the problem is American is the mother of DFW. Out of the 171 or so gates we have, American operates from at least 80% of them. International traffic has expanded in the recent months, but other than that, American is the main source of traffic at DFW.

ATL has been on the top of that list since 1998. 20 years!


Percentage increase in passengers for New Delhi surprises me, and also its jump from 22 to 16. Highest change in the list.

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Newark/LGA and JFK split the traffic pretty evenly. Combined, the NY metro area is the second busiest in the world after London.

Hmm…kinda expected YYZ on that list. Guess I was wrong.

HA! Denver made it on the list. My dad is now AMAZING 😊

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Shanghai PVG is adding a huge satellite terminal with estimate 100 new aircraft stands that will be in use 2019, and a fifth runway is also under planning. Should boast the airport a couple seats up the list.

Beijing PEK is also constructing a fourth runway :P

Well… LAX does have big plans for TBIT. They are building a whole new terminal, roughly the same size as their current one.

How is Singapore below Jakarta…

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Hasn’t the limitation for LHR not been the fact they have only two runways?
Are they planning to build more runways? And if so…where?

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I am surprised that KSFO is not on the list.

As the capital of the 4th most populated nation and the biggest archipelago nation in the world, which relies alot to air transportation alot. Not to mention that WIII houses one of the biggest low cost carrier in the region (Lion Air Group + huge AirAsia presence. Bigger than SIA Group’s combined). Meanwhile in the other hand, Changi only handles transit passengers.

In matter of cargo or busiest airport by flight, Singapore may be ahead of Jakarta. But not in terms of passengers carried 😁


The ‘Third Runway Expansion Plans’ have just been approved by the British Government Cabinet Office. The runway will be situated to the Northwest of the current Northern Runway. The M25 motorway next to Heathrow will be modified to go under the runway.

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VHHH is also having its third runway constructed

We know, but it won’t become larger than Heathrow in terms of passenger numbers once Heathrow’s Expansion is completed