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what’s the longest flight someone’s done that’s recorded like definitely in infinate flight because I’m doing an around the world stopping in countries such as Sweden Germany Vienna north Africa Italy Greece Jordan Qatar Pakistan India Thailand Singapore Australia phillapeans Russia Canada United States Mexico south America carrabean Greenland Iceland back to the UK at Aberdeen then Birmingham and finally at Heathrow


The longest flight is somewhere around 76 hours. But i am pretty sure IF closes after that because of the servers, don’t quote me i could be easily wrong. Hopefully a mod or someone with server knowledge about IF can explain that more.

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Hey bud, check out this topic!


You are correct @Alphadog4646.

Infinite Flight will force quit after approx… 65-75 hours due to potential server overload


Wait for the world record for longest flight after 25 minutes .

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Check this out

My new record is 85H13MIN.

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