World Record

Hey IFC,
So I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of world record (new or breaking) and I wondered if anyone had any ideas?

Within infinite flight or real world?

This is in RWA, so I’d assume real world

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Well it’s going to be pretty hard to set an official world record.


Yes, true but I still want to do it

@Hamza.N, GWR

Well… that’s a hard thing to do. But good luck though. 🍀

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So you want to set a new world record but you have no idea what kind of record this should be?

I’m sorry, but how exactly is this related to Infinite Flight or Real World Aviation?


Could you set a record for failing to break the most records? 🤔


I think I could set a record for least records attempted


Yes, because I want to do something to do with aviation but I’m not sure what.

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@KPIT, are… no.

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You van set a record of flying the most flights 🤷‍♂️ If you have a few houndred € you can fly far with Ryanair

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Your only hope would be most commercial hours flown in a certain amount of time. Like @Jens_Severin said, it would probably need to be Ryanair.

Then again, I find this topic somewhat useless IMHO.

Already done ☹️


He’s saying he wants to set a world record whether its in IF or the real world. Relax, no need to be hostile.

Their is no hostility from him he just wants to know the point of the topic…

I understand. A lot of people on here are quick to jump and get on to people about not posting something correctly. It makes this place very unwelcoming.

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Well said, I think people do more harm than good for community by constantly acting like the police. I’m not sure what drives this urge in so many IFC members but it would be better if they chilled.

How much do regulars get paid?


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