World Record without pro

hello everyone i just passed the world record i did 50 hours so what do i do now?

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Do 100 hours


dude i need a break but i want it to be like in google for it to be out there and be correct

Like you want to be in GWR?

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Me: sees topic

Me: reads topic

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yea like hw i do that

I don’t know

People have done more than 70 hours before, I’m not sure where you heard 50 was the record, butttttttttt it’s not

The record is currently 85 hours by the 🐐 @iidvdii


I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe there’s an official online “World Record” book for Infinite Flight, yet!

There are some things similar within the IFC, which I’ll link below.


I’m confused what record you have done ?
Flying - speed - waiting on the hold short .
There is only one record still empty when i do it I will let you know .

G’day, Sasha!

From what I’ve heard, Guinness World Records generally don’t allow applications for video games (or simulators, for that matter). This is due to the sheer amount of possibilities within them, it would be too hard to moderate.

If you would like to try your luck and apply to get this into the World Record books, visit the link below:

All the best, and good luck!


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