World of Swiss

Check it out guys! It’s awesome!

Make sure to take the virtual tour through the new B77W and check out the interactive live map at the end!

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Wow. Swiss International put a lot of work into this.

yeah right? Best website ever

“Unser Zeichen ist ein Versprechen” (German for, our sign is a promise)

Ja ich weiss! ich bin schweizer 😅👍

I don’t know German, I just looked it up. Anyway, It would be nice to learn German. I am considering becoming a Lufthansa pilot. Lufthansa has many subsidaries, (Austrian, Swiss, Lufthansa regional, Germanwings, Eurowings, AEROLOGIC, …) that I could use.

Well if you become a Lufthansa pilot it’s not that you can choose the carrier you want to fly on, just so you know. Swiss and Austrian and Lufthansa Cargo have much harder and stricter training! You need to have served in the army and have a high school degree (at least) to become a pilot for swiss for example! They’re all cool carriers tho!

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So nice to see an airline put effort forward to educate people about their profession and history.

That’s what separates a profits only airline from one that looks back and admires its history (Cue Delta and AF).

Long live the DC-9!

this is a home run for me Nick @Nick_Art…this sort of thing i like to watch…airline crew preparation before,during,after flight…this is really nice…love this bad. :ok_hand: :smile: