World of Hearts @ Toronto - CYYZ 012300ZJUN19


World of Hearts Global Tour

Welcome to the world of hearts tour.


Takeoff from CYYZ heading towards EGLL at 2019-06-01T23:00:00Z on Training Server
People from EGLL or near will leave
We takeoff again fueled up
We land at RJTT
Anyone from surrounding areas would leave the formation and head home
We would leave RJTT
We would arrive in PHNL
All Members from Hawai’i would go
2nd last stop in KLAX for Western America
Last Stop in KJFK for Eastern America

Inspiration for this project

We all have a location spot on our Profiles, but we don’t check our profiles often. So i started this to show the IFC how its not only North America and Europe that most people are in, but from all around the world.

I hope you can Attend!

Confirmed Attendees



I would love to come but I’m not sure I can do all of that

@anon11948201 It’s all up to you. If you can only make it up to a certain leg, that’s fine.

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