World map bug

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When I started IF, I discovered that.
Of course I cleared the cache and restarted my device.
I use a Huawei P10 lite and IF 19.3


Which map are you talking about?

OP has already tried that.

See where he said that?

Could it have anything regarding the new update?

So what map are you talking about? The one in the pilots HUD or the world map.

The ingame world

He’s talking about the fact he’s at an airport

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Jesus look to the description

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You don’t specify anything in the description and that’s why we try to figure out what’s the problem.

I guess you spawned in an airport. If clearing the cache didn’t help, try reinstalling IF. That should do the trick

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I had the same issue …I loaded Rio de Janeiro the first air I used in the new scenery update and found my plane sitting in a desert sand featureless field.

I cleared the scenery cache exited IF and tried again using the proper airport ID code and it was ok

Hasn"t happened since.

Hi , since the new update this has happend to me 3 to 4 times already. Bald the airport disappears. Clearing the cache doesn’t help. Stopping reloading and start all over was for me the only very annoying option. See picture attached. Happend mid flight on approach to EDDW.

I have an first gen iPad Pro ( the big screen)m might settings a set to medium for the scenery resolution as recommended in the forum. And that gives me usually a smooth performance.


I’ve had something similar occur. Just keep clearing the cache repeatedly and that usually solves it for me. Hope this helps! 😉

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Had you on and of you’re internet? I am sure that will help.

I was fully connected in a fast and stable Internet environment


I have had this issue before - a restart of device plus relaunch of IF fixed it

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I also have had the same experience. Not sure why it is happening. The connection to the internet is stable and strong and the same as I have always used.

These airports will have to be edited by the IFAE. It’s a bug that started with the scenery update.

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