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Hi just wanted to ask where I could fly long haul from PHNL which ideally is a real scheduled flight


You could do PHNL-KJFK. But we don’t have a Hawaiian livery on the A330. Or PHNL-KEWR in a United B767-300.

Another good suggestion is PHNL - YSSY or YMML, around 10 hours with Jetstar B787

You could do PHNL-KATL in the Delta A333. ;)

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Thanks but I would ideally like a place that I haven’t been on my world tour yet

That too! There are many good routes that we have suggested @InfiniteAviation06:)

Will fly to Sydney thanks for the suggestions will make sure I do all these routes this year. ;)

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You could do KDFW - PHNL - YSSY in an American MD-11. American used to do that back in the day.

Thanks alot

If you want to go retro you could fly a NWA DC-10 to Osaka or Tokyo Narita. These routes were previously operated around 13 years ago with the aircraft.
United right now flies to PGUM with their 777-200 will be helpful. It tracks arrivals and departures from an airport.

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KPHL-KBOS is the longest domestic flight in the world ;)

I think you meant PHNL - KBOS, as Philadelphia to Boston is really short flight

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Yeah lol!!

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