World flight updates

XP actually updates while flying, so even if your game crashes, the flight time and XP will be saved.

@Milo_Epstein good luck! I might join you for some legs if they fit in with my schedule, maybe post here before you fly?


I’ve wanted to do something like this. Remember to turn your graphics down and keep your device cool.


Thanks! Also I will leave the game but I will spawn back in in a different plane but at the same airport.

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Thanks and yes I will post a FPL before I fly

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Thanks for the inspiration mate! Now I feel like doing a round the world flight… in the Cirrus…


Once I purchase a live subscription, my plans are to take a round the world tour, landing at several challenging airports – Kai Tak, Innsbruck, Kathmandu, Paro, just to name a few.


That’s good that you have goals for when you get it. It is quite a treat to find all the different little airports.


Getting Pro is totally worth it! I suggest not doing many long hauls but doing short scenic flights.


I might join you for OMDB-HAAB later, it’s nice that we are in similar time zones :)

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Awesome! It will be great if you can join! :)

I’ll spawn in now and take off soon.

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Nice! I’m already a half an hour in but you can copy my FPL I am Ethiopian495 or use the one that I posted :)

I did it already (with the cirrus). If you want here’s the flight plan I used.

I did it as an advent calendar in December. One flight a day until Christmas!


Mate thanks for that! I was just planning my flight out on my big world map, but I will use yours. I was starting to think it was kind of impossible with the big ocean gaps, but now I know it is possible! Thanks, I’ll tell you once I have completed the epic journey.👌


@Milo_Epstein you should try and combine these two topics to one post to eliminate any confusion. I hope that makes sense if not, message me and I’ll be glad to help.

You already had this post closed, I would refrain from continuing to make unnecessary posts.

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@Pilot_Dick_Dastardly Thanks for the info. I think I figured it out. In the next post pls notify me if I did it wrong so I can make it easier for you to understand. :)

@Milo_Epstein what I’m saying is that these two posts are intertwined, so anything that you want to add or “Update” stay with one thread and just edit the title, for example World Flight UPDATE 19FEB2018.

Again, I’m just trying to be helpful and keep it organized and easy to follow.

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@Pilot_Dick_Dastardly ok thank you, I just posted a new one with a link to my recent post I will most definitely use what you used.

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Hello everyone,
I have some bad news. I overslept and my flight was supposed to land at 3 AM Singapore time. It crashed and because I was flying into ATC range my plane got 6 violations so I have to wait for my grade 3 to come back. For now, I will continue doing flights (on training server) around Sacramento because that was the destination. I will be flying in a Cessna caravan for DHL and doing some hopping flights to hopefully get some more landings for live.
Hope to see you there to make this flight more enjoyable,

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