World flight tour

Hey everyone. Maybe it sounds crazy. But I am doing a world tour around the world with the a220 airbus in infinite flight. I will fly to almost every country in the world. I departed from edinburgh. I will arrive today in these airports :

  1. Lelystad
  2. Frankfurt
  3. Brussel
  4. Paris
  5. Madrid
  6. Blaise Diagne

You can always track me on infinitex or liveflight. My call sign is airbus 435.
You can also fly with me and spawn at every airpot where i land or take a F16 or another small aircraft then we will take some formations :).

Have a great day!


Does the A220 even have that kind of range? I don’t think it was designed for trans-Atlantic, and I’m also pretty sure it doesn’t have the range for trans-Pacific.


Yes, totaly agree. But my FP is made to cross the atlantic ocean and all other oceans.

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I will land on some small islands


It also taked me 2 hours to make this flight plan :)


Good luck then! I hope it works out!


Thanks, i hope it too!

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Really wish you luck with your tour! I also did this across the whole Europe, in a TBM, and its very nice in a GA aircraft :D

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Thank you!

I’m sure @MxP loves that idea

This sounds fun mate!

I don’t think it’s crazy… i’m flying to other continent from Poland to US with 757. With 1 stop. So it’s amazing.

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