World Flight • HAAB-KSMF

Hello again,
I will be taking a break on Tuesday but I will be back with a flight on Wednesday to join in on the west coast. This flight will be a long haul but it will be only one of a few long hauls this week.
Aircraft: United airlines B777-200ER
FPL: to be determined (I will post on Wednesday)

Thanks and hope to see you guys there!

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend this Group Flight!

@Balloonchaser will do! Hope to see you there :)

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Sorry to burst your bubble but i think this belongs in #live:events. You need to be tl2 to post in #live:events and youre currently tl1. Just stay active on IFC and you should be TL2 in no time

There are no arrivals into KSMF from HAAB