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hello i’m blocking on wed her tells me choss x plan folder

I don t have x plan folder

Hey! Could you please elaborate a bit more? What issue are you encountering?

Are you talking about X-Plane?

Yes I block Tuesday and I walk to it Wednesday evening. What about you?


Yes this is x-plane

Then I would recommend you to head to X-Plane forum for assistance as this is only for Infinite Flight (iOS and Android App)

Try to find some help here:

Well this is the infinite flight community. You’re in the wrong place buddy ;)

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yes but it is to modify infenite airport

If it is about IF Airport editing you might want to have a look here.

This is the most confusing topic since “Plane Parcour”.
Can you please explain what it is you are looking for as this makes no sense… All I’ve gotten out of this is you’re blocking Wednesday and you don’t have the X plan folder…


Make sure you check out here:
And here for video tutorial:

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