World Cup Flight Challenge

World Cup Flight Challenge!

Hello, and Welcome to my World Cup Flight Challenge! ⚽️🌎
Let me first explain how it’s works I’m picking a nation who is playing at a day and flying to an Airport in the Country for example yesterday Qatar played vs Ecuador I flew from Jeddah to Doha.
Here is the List, I made these flight I’m planning to do in the next days.
Please note that the list is only until Friday is will be updated on Thursday.

Group Stage Game Day 1

Date Game Route Country Aircraft Status
20.11.22 Qatar vs Ecuador OEJN - OTHH Qatar Qatar Airways B788 Landed
21.11.22 Senegal vs Netherlands ENAL-EHAM Netherlands KLM E75L Landed
22.11.22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia SAWH-SABE Argentina Jet Smart A320 departed
23.11.22 Belgium vs Canada CYQR - CYVR Canada Air Canada A220-300 to be announced
24.11.22 Portugal vs Ghana LPPD - LPPT Portugal TAP A319 to be announced

Feel free to join me for these flights let me know below. My Flights from Gameday 2 will be announced on Thursday 19:00Z

I hope you like it :)


I‘m on my way to EHAM now! ⚽️🇳🇱

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On the way to Buenos Aires now!

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ok i will do both Belgium - Canada portugal - Ghana it will be fun

This a cool challenge! What would have been really cool is if you flew between the country of each team playing, so for example Doha to Quito for the Qatar Ecuador game and so on. But this is very cool too!

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