World class skiing to the the Alps of the west

Flight Details

Route- KSUN-1U7(Stanley)
Flight Time-35min
Cruising alt-12,000ft

Fun fact about the location, There was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake centered 12mi away from 1U7 on March 31st 2020. It was felt all the way in Calgary and was Idaho’s second strongest earthquake topped only by the 6.9 Borah earthquake of 1983.

Preparing for the flight in KSUN

Coming off the ground a bit off centerline

Climbing over the white cloud mountains

Cruising near the sawtooth range.

Descending past redfish lake

Coming in a little steep

Final approach

Short final

Hard landing

Parked with a beautiful backdrop

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed these photos.


Nice shots!


Thankyou, the flight was beautiful and smooth as glass.

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I see you’ve been getting into Cub flying! It is definitely one of the most fun things you can do! Beautiful photos and scenery :)

My XCUB landings still need some work.

same haha, its like landing a trycicle

Cool pictures! I have family up in Idaho 😬

Why did put that emoji do you not like the family?

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No, it’s about the earthquake 😂

Ahh, I felt it and thought it was my sister jumping but then the doors started swinging…

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Yeah some far away feel way different than when it’s right below your feet

Where I was it had died down to a 5.5m earthquake, I do have a little ripple crack in my wall from it.

That’s crazy.

I got a chance to go to redfish lake and the water was freezing.🥶🥶🥶🥶

Very cool, nice pics!

Thanks, I loved the flying.