World Airways to Return as a LCC

When I saw this I initially panicked. My parents flew on World Airways back I never the 1970s and had high praises for it. I never got the chance since I started flying solo only last year. But I hear they are returning now with a brand new fleet of Boeing B787 Dreamliner on flights to Latin America and Asia.
What are your thoughts on the revival of World Airways?

I know the website has been noted this way by some in the IFVARB Slack, but their website and current slogans might be a bit interestingly if you get the chance to look at them. Not the best artwork or marketing for sure.


As always until it’s flying I don’t believe it. 😂


Just think of the potential to have an airline/brand that was founded in 1940 to be back…the endless possibilities are spiraling through me 😍

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Too bad there are no MD-11 passenger aircraft, but glad to see them back!😃

I am debating… I swear ive heard something simular to your claim. I dont suppose this is a subsidiary of a bigger operator?

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