World Airways (SonAir) MD-11ER

I saw checking out the internet for Google also plane is a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 use on the Wikipedia are listed for the information.

About it the topic MD-11 (Variants) and one more time also MD-11ER (Extended Range) long haul is 8,332 miles (7,240 nm and or 13,410 km).

The airlines are a World Airways (SonAir), old livery, registration: (N278WA) McDonnell Douglas MD-11ER the flight a long hours from KIAH/IAH - FNLU/LAD. The 3 engines (Tri-jet) of fuel the oil and gas of MD-11ER non-stop IAH-LAD for true story. The end flight during passengers of MD-11 the last on June 2010.

May there airlines World Airways (SonAir) - old livery of MD-11ER (pax) able add more new games IF anyone else has a good idea? I like this game McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is always on IF.

But I don’t know about the pictures for the info show this MD-11 - old livery for the true story.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11/ER - World Airways (SonAir) | Aviation Photo #0979265 |

Or other more below.

Then and

Pertti Sipilä - McDonnell Douglas MD-11/ER - World Airways (SonAir) | Aviation Photo #0979265 |

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indeed its a nice livery , but I don’t think its going to be added anytime soon since the aircraft the livery is implanted on is not in the game either, so if you find this livery on the MD-11 please feel free to replace this thread with it, unless im mistaken and the MD-11ER is the same aircraft we have in the sim, nevertheless its a very nice thread!!!

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Thank you for the info. Yes, I had a choose for airlines of MD-11 and not ER yet in IF almost they did old livery retro, too. I have often times the game simulation MD-11 (pax) the same in IF.

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