World Airways MD-11

This livery would look great on the MD-11 and because we don’t have any world airways planes. [poll type=multiple min=1 max=3 public=true]

  • Yes we need it.
  • Maybe, I’ll have to think about it.
  • No I don’t want it.


Md-11 is already under development

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I know, and I hope it wins the polls.

Where you hear that. I want the MD-11 to win but remember its a tight race and the polls close December ninth

It closes on December 4th.

December 4th actually. They changed it

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Ok good lets just pray the MD-11 wins

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Yep, if it does my life is complete.

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Its a livery.

It’s not under development, where did you hear that?


where did you get that from?

Who knows where he got that from. Goodnight everyone, its 10:53 here in Texas and I’m going to bed.Will type later.


Need this. This is what I flew in to Germany, this exact plane and livery.

Well it might if it wins

You said: “It’s already under development.” This makes other people think that the MD11 is already being made, while we don’t know that yet. Don’t make false claims please.

Ok I’m sorry

I’d like to see this in the update, it’s a pretty nice livery.

You’d like to see it, why not vote?

I’d like it, but I don’t have any votes. Duh
And the aircraft will be added, so the devs are probably searching the forum for liveries.