WORKS WITH 20.2: SmoothTrack 1.04 (iOS+Android) - a VR-style head tracker, also supporting Infinite Flight!

definitely in a hundred years wouldn’t have thought this would be a thing. You already know the realism gods are partying after seeing this.

Now the thing is… does the camera zoom in when you lean in?🤔🤔🤔

It does for any PC games that support 6DOF (“degrees of freedom”). IF doesn’t support that yet. Only 2 degrees-of-freedom at this point: left-right and up-down.

I’ve asked Laura to allow for a 6 DOF camera API for IF. We’ll see what happens! :)

Try restarting both apps. One other thing you can try is have the one connect to the personal hotspot of the others. That eliminates router shenanigans.

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Looks great! I’ve just tried setting this up with my iPhone and iPad, but am unable to find the iPad using the app on my phone. I’ve tried restarting both apps and using my phones personal hotspot but have not had any results. Any ideas?

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The devices need to be able to see each other on the network, so maybe check your router. But if the one is connected to the hotspot of the other, then it really should work! Maybe uncheck and recheck “Infinite Flight Connect enabled” on IF or something? Is it stuck on “scanning…” in SmoothTrack?

yep, stuck on scanning on my phone. I’m using the beta version of the app and both my iPad and iPhone are running iOS 14.

edit: restarted both devices and toggled infinite flight connect on/off. I’m still having issues.

Hmmmm that is really weird and I’m kind of stuck what else to try. Lots of people have told me it works great for them. Weird??? Maybe try completely rebooting both devices?

Yeah, still no luck. I’ve tried reinstalling the TestFlight app on my phone and also toggling on/off local network access for infinite flight on my iPad. Not sure what else to try, maybe its just an issue with the iOS beta software.

What’s strange is I’ve had customers tell me it works with iOS 14…

Yeah I saw you mentioned that. I’m not sure what else it could be as IF Assistant connects to Infinite Flight on the iPad, but the smooth track app doesn’t connect even though its the same network.

How long do you let it scan? I’ve had it take up to 10-20 seconds sometimes…

Hey, how about we take this to DM? Don’t want to bore everyone here with our back and forth. :-)

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I did some tests yesterday and I sent you feedback!

I love this app, but I don’t like some things:

1.If I have connection issues and the app stops working, the camera will be locked.
2. I had some issues using the re-center button.
3. I did the tests yesterday’s night and the app didn’t work well, the camera was shaking and it was a bit hard to use

I’ll continue doing some tests and sending you feedback, overall @epaga did and amazing work and I love this app!

Will try to avoid the app stopping to work. 😜 And planning on making the “pause” button (and leaving the app) unlock the view in IF in an update soon.

Just fixed this in the latest TestFlight update (build 8) that I did over my lunch break today.

Lighting seems to be important for the camera to pick up enough info to track your face well.

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Do you need two different devices to use this? I play on an iPad and would then also try it out with my iPad :) Is that possible?

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I think you need to use two devices

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At this point, yes. Will be looking into whether it’s possible to run in a side bar, though I don’t know how much sense that makes.

Hey @epaga !

I was wondering if let’s say I depart and I am flying a long haul. Is it possible to close the app down and do different stuff till landing and then reconnect the app before descent?

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Yep, there’s a big pause button in the app. (Soon it will also then unlock the IF view, currently you get stuck. :)

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Thanks a lot! Looking forward to this!

I don’t know if my WiFi is not working properly, but i can’t connect IF and the app, also in the app the camera looks laggy. I used an IPhone XS Max and worked good, but in my iPhone XR is not working