WORKS WITH 20.2: SmoothTrack 1.04 (iOS+Android) - a VR-style head tracker, also supporting Infinite Flight!

In other news: the new version 1.02 which supports Infinite Flight has finally been approved by Apple and is now rolling out in the Store over the course of the next 6-12 hours… \o/

Because the approval process took so long, I will be leaving the 50% sale for another extra day - if you want to get it at 50% off, now is the time!

Here are the release notes for 1.02:


  • The app now supports ALL iOS 13 devices, regardless of whether they have TrueDepth cameras or not!
  • The app now supports 2 DOF head tracking for the mobile flight sim Infinite Flight!
  • New Depth offset slider for PC games!
  • Better Instructions Section with more troubleshooting
  • For devices with TrueDepth cameras, tapping the camera will toggle a mask in front of your face.
  • New lightbulb button which will let you turn the screen dark during play to save battery


  • Fixed setting port as 0 initially
  • Fixed error messages sometimes coming repeatedly
  • Don’t allow ports 0 & less or 65535 & greater
  • Layout fix for landscape on larger phones
  • Crash fix for connection error situations
  • Some color fixes for dark/non-dark mode
  • Better error messages

this is seriously cool!

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Currently about to launch a beta of the Android version (though it will initially start without IF support, I’m planning on adding it later).

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Wow, really making progress on the app. That is awesome and such a cool
app. Watching the topic for an update for android users and joined your beta list. Thank you.

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Public Beta of SmoothTrack for Android has now launched! Get it here:

No IF support yet for Android (iOS does support IF already!) but it will be coming soon.

The reception of both iOS and Android has been absolutely huge…people are loving it! Looking forward to getting IF support into the Android version. Here’s a short video of me using the Android version with a flight-sim-that-will-not-be-named 😜:


With Infinite Flight 20.2, Laura has added incredibly smooth, 6-degrees-of-freedom support for head tracking - this means all directions and rotations and movements are mirrored in game.

Check out what this looks like with SmoothTrack! Huge thanks to @DeerCrusher for this video (I’ve added it to the top post)


What device(s) is this compatible with? Would it work with an iPhone 6 Plus?

It’s compatible with any iOS 13 device (and also any Android with Google AR Services). The newer, the smoother + less latency the tracking is. EDIT: Ah right, 6 Plus is unfortunately iOS 12 only. :(

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oh well my 6 Plus is at iOS 12 🥺😭

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Yeah sorry - the app uses AR tech to detect your head position, and only the newer phones support that.

You’re a gift to this community, what a legendary application.


This looks amazing, I gotta get this app!

Thanks John :)

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I absolutely understand

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If you do, let me know how you like it and if you need any help setting it up! 🙂


How do you set this up? I’m trying to automatically detect infinite flights IP but it’s not working. I’ve got IF connect enabled.

How can I calibrate?

You need to make sure that your 2 devices are in the same wifi network. If it isn’t finding each other, then you can also figure out your IP on the device running IF and enter it manually on the device running SmoothTrack. The port should be 4242. Does that help?

Edit: Forgot to mention you also need to set the camera to one of the “Captain” cameras for it to work.

Simply pause the tracking for a few seconds then unpause. (This is for IF - if using OpenTrack you can bind the re-set to a key in “Settings” of OpenTrack.)

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So we need 2 seperate devices in order to run the app with IF? I have Android.
Was thinking I just need to install it and it will detect IF automatically and track it in the background.

Yep, see the description and FAQ in the main post:

-Can I run this on the same device as IF?
No - this has to be a separate device that connects to the device running IF.

Did you get this to work?