WORKS WITH 20.2: SmoothTrack 1.04 (iOS+Android) - a VR-style head tracker, also supporting Infinite Flight!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!

For those who don’t know me, I’m John, the developer of In-Flight Assistant. 😀

I’m super excited to show off my latest app to you all: SmoothTrack, a seamless head tracker for any computer game that supports TrackIR, AND also Infinite Flight!

If you’ve ever heard of TrackIR ($150 headset, hello!), this is basically a similar concept - but it only requires your phone and is available for a fraction of the price.

Here’s what this looks like when combined with Infinite Flight (thanks to @DeerCrusher for making this awesome video!)

Here’s part of @DeerCrusher’s feedback that inspired him to make this video:

"First and foremost… its amazing… gamebreaking… surreal… immersive… and just about any other positive adjective you could think of. Being someone who doesn’t use third party apps, I think this is one that I will find myself using for awhile mainly because of what I listed above. I have found that the head tracking is super smooth, crisp and fairly accurate. "

Another customer wrote:

“Just flew a few patterns with this - it genuinely works better for me than TrackIR ever did, at a fraction of the cost.”

It runs on any iOS 13 device and supports Infinite Flight!
It runs on any Android device that supports Google AR Services (IF support coming soon)!

Here’s the web site for the app:

As always, huge thanks to @Laura for an amazing API as well as for adding a sweet 6 DOF API in IF 20.2! 😜


- How do you keep your eyes on the screen?
Your head movement only needs to be slight, so you don’t actually fully turn your head.

- Is Android coming?
Yes! It’s out in beta at a reduced price (see the link above).

- Does it work on iPad?
Yes! For IF it just needs to be a separate device, though.

- Does it support iOS 14?

-Can I run this on the same device as IF?
No - this has to be a separate device that connects to the device running IF.


Now this is interesting! Great job on it as usual.


Nice job as usual, looks very nice!


This looks phenomenal! I imagine it will be absolutely amazing for VFR flying. Sadly I’m an all out Android dude so I won’t be able to experience this. 😥

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Don’t be so sure about that, I may yet do an Android version of it.


W o w, it’s absolutely fantastic!


This is cool!


Hold on this is amazing!

I am a bit confused tho, do you need to have a Phone that supports Face ID to run the full version?

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Yeah i think thats what he said…


The current version in the store only supports cameras that can do FaceID. The beta version (soon to be released) supports any iOS 13 device.


Will it ever come to Ipad?


Yes I use an iPad mini 4 that’s also what i was wondering…

I would love to use this!


Yes, it works great on iPad (the current App Store version only the new iPad Pros, but the beta version also supports older devices.)


This looks absolutely incredible. Great work!


Ill definitely have to try this out when it comes to IOS 13!! 😁😁😁


Does this also work with VR-Box? It could be used as a full VR experience actually.

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Could you use this with only one iPhone?

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do you need another device with a faceid or can you do it with an mac?

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With all these questions, you will have to make a more detailed FAQ! LOL

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Don’t think so since this app is for face tracking. But not familiar with VR-box. It’s possible there’d be a way to connect to the API I’m using. But it’d be a separate app.

Not for IF, no - it needs to be a separate device (at least unless I find some way to make it work as a background app.)

The upcoming (beta) version won’t need FaceID. Mac won’t work, at this point. The current version will need an iOS device. But I think once iOS 14 hits, it may run on Mac? Not sure.